Finance is one of more important conversations you should have and it’s easy to find out how much you can afford when looking to build. When completing the Loan Qualifying Calculator select Ian Webb as your Adviser and state Construction One Tauranga as your builder.

The Reserve Bank exemption permits new construction loans with a lower deposit.

Here’s a brief overview of what NewBuild can do for you that your bank may not be able to do for you because we specialise in getting our clients into a new home with less deposit, and less stress

Your loan is a standard bank loan through Sovereign/ASB and your interest rates will be very competitive (they will often discount your rates considerably from those advertised). Our lending criteria is unique to NewBuild (only available through NewBuild directly)and it helps many more clients get approved to build. We will consider lower deposit builds, even during the current Reserve Bank restrictions, with as little as 5% deposit over house and land for owner-occupiers, and in major towns and cities.
If you own a home and want to retain it as an investment, or just long enough to start your build (so you only have to move once) we may be able to use your home as security and fund 100% of your land and build. Our construction loan is fully managed taking so much of the stress of building away from you. Unlike most banks who require you to pay up to several thousand dollars in valuation fees, NewBuild charges a one off fee to fully “project manage” the financial aspects of your loan for $1,000, making your building loan less expensive in most cases. We will allow you the option of not making construction loan interest payments until your home is completed, so you don’t have to pay rent and a construction loan at the same time. Your interest rates can be negotiated on completion, and Sovereign will often contribute to your legal costs. We ensure you have additional funding set aside to cover unexpected costs along the way, but whatever funds you don’t use becomes yours at the end of your build to do as you wish to buy new furniture, to reducing your loan

The best thing we can do is get your loan pre-approved, it’s an easy step and we can know in several days. This will help us assess what you are able to do, and we can then better guide you through the process from start to finish. There’s lot’s to know about the building process, and how to do it safely.  We will help!

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